In these terrible economic times that we're in, small businesses everywhere are looking for ways to save money. They are looking to cut down on even the most trivial of expenses, no matter how small they might be. Invoicing departments have also been looked at by some small companies, as potential places where to cut down costs. You might not think that there's a lot of money to be saved in invoicing department but there just might be, depending on what kind of situation it is that you're in. Here's how small businesses can save money on simply by changing their invoice management software.


How your current invoice management software is costing you money

By current invoice management software we're here referring to software that you've probably installed a long time ago, on your old computer, that's probably running Windows XP. Now there's a couple of problems with this type of invoice management setup right off the bat.

  • 1. You're now officially running an outdated version of Windows, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Updates will cost you money.
  • 2. Computer that you now use probably has hardware, components, that might not be supported by the new version of Windows, you'll need to update your computer. Updates will cost you money.
  • 3. Invoicing software that you use will probably also have to be updated, depending on what kind of company you've been working with, you'll probably be charged for the new version of the software.
  • 4. Any new changes to software will probably create additional costs, because the developers might ask to be paid for updates.

These are just some of the costs that you might encounter if you continue down the same old well trodden path. What you should be focusing on instead is finding a way how to deal with the problems the modern way, with modern solutions.

Modern small business invoice management software

What you should be looking into is hosted invoice management. Why is hosted invoice management better than what I have now you must be wondering? Here's a couple of points about hosted invoice management software and how it can help you out in the situation described above.

  • Since we're talking about hosted invoice management, it doesn't matter what kind of operating system it is that you're using. To save costs, you could very well switch over to open source solutions like Linux to save money that you would normally spend buying new Windows licenses or upgrading old ones.
  • We established that you will probably not be needing to upgrade your operating system, since there's a good chance that you can use Linux, there's no need to make investments of any kind in computer hardware. One of the main advantages and specialties of Linux is that it can run perfectly fine on older hardware, without you needing to needlessly spend money buying new components
  • Invoicing software that you use will be hosted in the cloud, there won't be need for you to make any kind of installations on your computer locally. Since everything is in the cloud, maintained by the company from which you bought the service. Any updates are for the most part applied right away by the support team, without incurring any kind of extra charge.

Final thoughts and conclusion

Aside from the fact that you will need to spend a lot of money if you would like to use the now old and outdated technologies, you will have to spend a lot of money that you'd normally not have to spend. For a small monthly fee you won't get to have the most up to date software, easy to maintain invoice management system and no need to change very little the setup that you already have. It's the perfect small business invoice management software. Make sure to also checkout our own service, IntroBills.

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