In the last few articles we've been talking about how great hosted invoicing is for businesses, and up to a point that's true. There are however situations when having hosted invoice management might not be the best thing for your company and today, in the interest of keeping our readers informed, we decided to talk about all the situations where hosted invoicing might not be the best thing for your company.


When is hosted invoicing not the best thing for your business

Perhaps the most challenging setback that you'll come across with hosted invoicing is that all your data is in the hands of a third party service provider. People who have privacy issues won't like not having sensitive data fully in their control. Hosted invoice management means that all your data is hosted on a server that's far away from your control, which does pose some security issues, but don't worry. Most hosted invoicing services have air tight privacy policies that fully protect your data, that's at least the case with IntroBills invoice manager. Internet connection might be an issue for some. Even though Internet is considered practically a birthright these days, it's not available everywhere, and it's definitly not available everywhere at high speeds, the kind that's required to be able to do your job properly when having an online invoicing manager. Third drawback of having hosted invoicing software lies in that it requires you make payments every month, that's at least the practice of most hosted invoicing applications, including IntroBills. Standalone applications, the ones that you can actually install and run on computers locally will only require you to pay a one-time license fee, for the most part at least. Some will ask for additional money for updates, but there won't be a set monthly fee that hosted invoicing usually involves.

Conclusions and final thoughts

You're probably wondering now is it worth it then to get hosted invoice management? Considering what we just said in the paragraphs above, it basically boils down to what kind of needs you have. For a small time company in a rural area with poor internet connection hosted invoice management is probably not the best idea. For a company paranoid about privacy, no, hosted invoice management isn't for you (but you can buy our script instead and install it on your own server). Don't like the subscription model where a service needs to be paid every month? Then hosted invoicing isn't for you. You'll just have to make up your mind and decide what's best for you.

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