Up until now we wrote a lot about how great IntroBills, our hosted invoice management service, is and how your company absolutely has to use it. So that we don't come off as incredibly biased, which we are, today we're gonna be talking and giving advice on situations when having free web invoicing might be better than having paid invoicing, basically the opposite of what we talked about over here.

Is your company just starting or is business going slow?

You can get a hint at what we're aiming at with this article from the title of this paragraph. There are two situations where going for free web invoicing services, of which there are many out there, is better for your company than using paid hosted invoicing.

First of these two situations is when a small company startup, by small we're saying something like only a couple of employees, sets up shop and starts looking for clients. These types of companies don't have a lot of sales right away so there's no need for them to create a large number of invoices.

One of the main drawbacks to using free web invoicing applications is that they are limited in the number of invoices that can be created each month. This isn't so much a limitation for a startup company because like we already mentioned they won't be creating a lot of invoices to begin with. So a company like this can use a free web invoicing solution until business picks up and the small number of monthly invoices that can be created using these types of services becomes limiting for your business. You then move to a paid hosted invoice management solution.

Second reason why you might be better off using, or should I say returning to free hosted invoicing software is when business slows down and there aren't that many orders coming in for which you would need to create invoices.

Costs usually have to be brought down in these types of situations. And depending on how bad the situation is, you might even have to look at trivial costs that paid hosted invoice management usually is. Switching from paid to free web invoicing software does make sense in these types of situations.

Final thoughts

Other reasons might exist as to why it would be better to use free invoicing solutions, but note that a time will come later on when you'll need to switch to more advanced methods of invoice management. It makes sense that with an increased volume of work, you'll need more advanced methods of invoice management.

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