More centralized invoice management has a lot of advantages over the heavily departmentalized ways of doing things. Main advantage is of course that all the various departments within you company can manage and process invoices a lot more effectively than they would otherwise be able to do since, they have everything available in a single place, without your employees having to track down documents that they need to close the deals that they're working on.

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Accounts payable department working separate from the rest of the company means that all the other departments will have to look up documents and confirmations that a certain payment has been made. What this means is that valuable time is gonna be lost doing things like contacting the accounts payable department, submitting requests, etc.

A centralized invoice management means that your company uses a central server, a central hub that all the important employees can access and from where the invoices can be managed. What I described just now is basically what hosted invoice management is.

Larger companies, and most definitely corporations use their own, self-hosted, invoice management services which allow them to have better control over created invoices. Setting up a central server for running a self-hosted invoice management service might prove to be a bit too costly for smaller companies, especially when you take in the account the fact that we are currently going through though economic times.

Self-hosted invoice management might not be the thing that's required by smaller companies, and they should then avoid it, but there is a way how smaller companies can enjoy in advantages of self-hosted invoice management (it's centrality), and that is by using online invoice management.

With online invoice management all your invoice processing is kept on a server that's not your own (downside is privacy/security), but this makes costs of managing the server very low, for you. In some cases it's even a good idea for you to look up free web invoicing, but other times (in case of increased volumes of work) it makes sense to have a more professional hosted invoice management setup.

Final thoughts

By using hosted invoice management services like IntroBills, you get all the advantages of centrality that self-hosted invoice management offers, without incurring the high costs of purchase, installation and maintenance of your own server. Costs are very small, but you get a top-notch centralized invoice management software for your company. Think about it, give it a try or contact us if you happen to have any questions.

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