Recent survey of how money is being spent in small to mid-sized companies shows that a significant amount of costs related to the accounts payable departments is related to labor. This isn't something that's too surprising when you think about it. It takes a professional with years of experience to manage accounts, create invoices, etc. Cost of labor goes up exponentially if most of the work is still done by hand, meaning if you don't have the right invoice management software and tools.

Is the accounts payable labor costing you too much money?

Every company needs to have an accounts payable department, but the problem that most companies have is that sometimes the costs of AP departments can end up being quite high. We already mentioned that highly trained professionals are required and they don't usually come cheap. Not using specialized software and instead of filling out everything by hand using Word or some other text processing software might be one of the reasons why you need to have a lot of employees, in other words why your labor costs are so high.

Specialized invoicing software will make things easier on your and speed the entire process of invoice processing along considerably. One of the many things that makes these things possible is the database of clients and products. A database will make thing easier on you because if you have all your products setup in a database they don't have to be typed in manually each time that a new invoice is created. Same thing goes for client information.

By having a more professional, more specialized invoice management software it might be possible for you to cut down the labor costs in the accounts payable department. Saving money should be on everyone's mind now that the economy seems to be plunging again. If you can't cut down on the costs, it might at least be possible to not increase the existing cost by increasing productivity of the existing labor force in the accounts payable department.

Final thoughts

In the past I talked about how invoice management can have an impact on how much money is being spent by your company's accounts payable department when it comes to office supply costs. Labor costs can be the biggest cost that the accounts payable department ultimately has. This makes cutting down labor costs or least keeping them at the same level is a must. More modern invoicing software, hosted invoicing software like IntroBills can do that for you.

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