We haven't posted anything in a while, no status updates, no new tips and tricks about invoice management and we apologize for that. New version, 2 new versions of Introbills actually, have been released in the mean time with a couple of new improvements. We were busy working on them so we haven't found the time to keep our readers in the loop about everything that's been going on. Let's also not forget about the holiday season that we've been through. New version of Introbills brings lots of improvements but most of them are under the hood, meaning performance and security upgrades. Let's dig in.

What kind of improvements do newer versions of Introbills bring

The major difference between the initial release of Introbills and Introbills version 2.0 is that we've moved over to the HMVC architecture pattern. HMVC stands for horizontal model view controller. We won't go into the specifics of what HMVC is, just keep in mind that HMVC brings performance improvements and it also allowed us to continue Introbills development on a whole new level.

What we refer to with Introbills development on a whole new level is that now we can easily develop new functionality for Introbills by simply incorporating them as plugins, which is something that even other more popular content management systems, like Joomla or Wordpress, utilize.

We didn't stop at version 2.0 of Introbills, because the latest upgrade, and the current version is version 3.0 where minor changes have been made to the Introbills functionality itself. Small tweaks were made to Introbills settings panel, tweaks that can help you manage Introbills options more easily. Another thing that we've included in version 3.0 is the Polish language. We've looking to expand Introbills to the Polish market, so we've been busy translating the interface.

What does the future hold for Introbills?

Three stable versions of Introbills are behind us, but we won't stop there. We're already working on version 4.0 of Introbills, which is going to be a huge turning point in development of our business management software. I don't want to go into details about what waits for you in the version 4.0 of Introbills. Let's keep it a surprise. Just keep reading our blog here and you'll know everything in due time.

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