Since Introbills is a cloud based business management software, what we mainly focus on in articles posted here are advantages of running your business using online business management tools. We also talk about Invoice automation - future of invoicing, any downsides?, like using pricey professional invoicing software if you're just starting your business, so that it doesn't look as though we're tooting our own horn, or should we say tools. Today I'm going to talk about one of the more interesting advantages of having a cloud based business management software and that advantage is online invoice archiving.

What are some of the problems with old school invoice archiving methods?

Running and using Bill/invoice management software like Introbills has a lot of advantages over the usual desktop based invoicing software that can be found installed on computers of companies who are living in the past so to speak. To find out what some of these advantages are, just browse through some of the other postings that we made on this page. What we're going to be talking about today is a situation that a lot of "paper" based and even offline invoice management applications have problems with and that it archiving.

Archiving invoices in your typical paper based office can be very costly and time consuming. Not to mention that you will need lots of storage space, if you're dealing with large volumes of invoices on a daily basis. Management and organizational aspects of invoice archiving in a paper office can also be problematic. If you're not diligent enough to store invoices properly when storing them, you'll end up not being able to easily find them later on when needed.

Even though businesses that use desktop applications avoid a lot of the problems that previously described paper based businesses face when talking about invoice archiving, there is also a drawback or two when using desktop invoice management apps for archiving purposes. One problem is that there's a possibility of hardware failure which means that all the archived invoices will end up being lost (if you don't keep backups). Truth be told, this can be avoided with proper backups, but most businesses don't have proper backups in place.

Online invoice archiving - how it can help your business

Online invoice archiving, which is a feature that Introbills comes with by default (seeing how its an online tool) is in fact very similar to invoice archiving offered by desktop based applications. The only difference is that with online invoice archiving the risk of losing achieved invoices is minimized with all the different backups and failsafes that hosting companies have in place. You won't need to setup complicated backups, everything is done for you as soon as an account is registered. Don't belive me? Give Introbills a shot, it's free for the first 30 days and after that it has a very affordable price.

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