A lot of people don't give invoice design enough credit, but it can be something that will help your business expand and attract new clients. Every other aspect of your promotional strategy might end up being a waste of effort if the invoices that you send to clients don't have a professional look. It's true that the quality of work should be enough to get recognition, but if the competition is though and there's a lot of competitors who can do decent enough of a job doing whatever it is that you do, then every detail might end up being scrutinized, including the quality of your invoice design.

How can invoice design help your business

It can help your business by making you seem professional. Not that you aren't a professional on your own, but you can't deny that there have been situations where you've come across someone who knew what they were doing, but they were sloppy in their presentation and that is something that turned you off from them.

Invoice design can be "that something" which is going to turn picky people away from you, or at least make them not want to give recommendation for your service to the people they know.

That's where Introbills comes to the rescue. Great thing about invoice design in Introbills is that you are given a lot of invoice design related options that can be tweaked. Company logo can be changed, that's a given, but the text layout can also be easily tweaked from the administration, using a graphical interface.

Layout of invoices sent via email and layout of print invoices are separate. The two invoice types have different templates who's settings can be tweaked by opening up the Introbills admin dashboard. Position of elements, different logos, additional info boxes, all these things can be tweaked and changed easily in Introbills. Have a look at images above to see Introbills invoice design manager in action, or better yet login to our demo install and give it a try yourself.

Final thoughts

You might not think that have properly setup invoice design is that important for your business, but you can never know what goes through the minds of other people. It's best not to risk it, and focus more on designing a decent looking invoice design. We mentioned Introbills, but it doesn't have to be Introbills. You can use whatever software it is that you're currently using but the point still stands. Invoice design matters.

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