Government regulation can change quite often. Businesses are forced to keep track of these changes and stay on top of them whether they want to or not. One thing that can cause problems for some companies are changes in the tax code, which is happening more than it does usually, as governments try to consolidate their finance in these troublesome economic times. Changing tax rates can sometimes cost you more than just absorbing the costs of the newly hiked tax rates (should you choose to keep the same prices). Sometimes you also need to pay your invoicing software maintainers fees to make upgrades and changes to the taxes, but that's not the case with Introbills.


Invoice management with easily adjustable tax rates

You might think that something as easy as changing the tax rates shouldn't really cost that much money, but not all software maintainers out there are honest enough to allow their customers an easy way to change the tax rates. They would much rather make a few extra bucks and make it so that such basic changes are paid extra.

That's one of the reasons why Introbills is a good alternative to the traditional desktop applications that companies are still using. With Introbills, you'll be able to change tax rates in just a few mouse clicks. Screenshot of the admin panel with tax rate editor displayed can be seen above.

Easily adjustable tax rates aren't the only advantage to using Introbills. Don't forget that when we're talking about Introbills, we're talking about an full-fledged online business management software. You're not tied to a desktop when using Introbills, there's no need to be at the office to create invoices, manage clients, inventory, etc. There are lots of other advantages to using Introbills. Check them out by reading our blog here, or by going straight to the source and giving the Introbills demo installation a test run.


If you're limited with your current invoicing software and you're looking for something to replace it with, then given Introbills a try. It doesn't cost you anything to try the demo account, and we're also offering a free 30 day trial to help you understand better how Introbills works. A lot of options are available for tweaking, and what's best is that you won't be billed for any upgrades to current sets of features, there are no hidden fees.

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