Recently we've announced that a new version of Introbills is in the makes and today we're proud to share with you that our demo installation of Introbills has been updated with the version 4.0 of our business management software, where a lot of things have changed. Today we're going to go over all the updates that the new version has brought, the main one being support for estimates, a feature that many of our clients have requested. Let's dig in and see exactly what kind of new things wait for you in Introbills version 4.0.


Introbills 4.0 - estimates, UI tweaks and more

With the version 4.0 of Introbills we've developed a module for estimates with the help of which you can now easily send an estimate for a job or goods which your customers can, but aren't legally bound to accept. We're pretty sure that you know how estimates work, so we won't go down the road of explaining the legality of it all.

You can see a screenshot of how the estimates manager looks like on the image above. It's very similar to the already existing bill manager, client manager and of course the item manager. What is different is the mechanics of how estimates work in the background. Once they are created, they are setup as "Drafts".

For an estimate to reach your client it first needs to be sent out, obviously. Once the estimate is sent it's automatically switched to the "Delivered" category. Should you receive a positive response from the customer, there's an option to accept an estimate, which moves it to the "Accepted" category.

From that point on you can create an actual bill to close the deal and get paid the full amount by your customers. Another thing that we changed is the interface design. It's nothing to drastic, but notice that the "Add new" button is no longer in the top right corner of the screen, but is rather now in the left sidebar. If you got used to having it in the top right corner, you're going to have to re-learn things and get used to having controls in the left sidebar.

Final thoughts

Latest updates that we made to Introbills has made our business management software even more valuable to you, our customers. Current users of Introbills are going to receive the update free of charge of course. New users will only see this newly updated version and use it from this point on. Prices aren't going to be changed, everything still costs the same, they only thing that's different is that Introbills just got better. A lot of other speed performance upgrades were made to Introbills, it's more polished up and faster. Try the demo and see for yourself just how good the updated Introbills is.

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