When someone is working from home, they themselves are responsible for the creation of invoices and also for collection of payments for the work that has been done. Most freelancers create invoices themselves, using word processors or spreadsheet editors, but today I'm gong share with you a better way how you can manage invoices and invoice management when working from home.


Web invoicing - perfect for when you're working from home

Downside of creating invoices yourself using templates (Word or Excel) is that it involves a lot of manual labor. You need to fill out all the boxes yourself. Granted even online invoicing software like Introbills requires that you do that, but there are some differences and other advantages when using online invoicing software.

Creating invoices with Introbills is easier because of things like product database. Product database is where you can create a list of all the goods (or services) that you're selling, their descriptions, quantities, etc. Then you just easily add these previously created products to the invoice without having to write all this info manually every time that an invoice is being created.

Another example of problems that you might face is that you don't have an easily accessible and manageable archive of sent invoices. Best you can do is have them organized in folders, but with web based invoicing, they will be stored safely in the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere, any device that you might be using (which has access to the internet of course).

Support for sending emails is another useful feature that you get with Introbills. Ability to send emails is important for invoice management software because sending invoices via email saves time, money, speeds up bussiness and more.

Final thoughts

I covered just some of the more finer points of why using web based invoice management like Introbills might be better for your business, not just if you're working from home, but also for any business out there that's trying to get ahead of the competition. Don't forget that we have a demo installation of Introbills and also a free 30 day trial, which lets you test out all the features of Introiblls, without any kind of restrictions for 30 days. Don't take our word for it, test out Introbills and see for yourself just how good our business management software really is.

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