Reduce staff costs with hosted online invoicing

  • Written by Zoran

Recent economic indicators are showing that despite all the news and updates that a recovery is under way a lot of small to medium sized companies are having problems finding steady work. Decreased workload usually means that some cuts have to be made. Since employee wages are a huge expense on the books of every company, to really cut down on costs it's necessary for a company to bring the number of employees down. This is a very unpopular measure, and should always be considered once all other options have been exhausted, but to save the company and those employees that do remain, some changes will have to be made. What happens do when business does pick up? How to manage additional workload then?

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Online invoicing has a fast return on investment period

When making an investment in today's economy, one can't help but worry about what kind of return on investment period the investment will have. Money is tight which forces a lot of businesses to look for ways to not lose any of it, and in case that investments are made, that returns come in as soon as possible. Money that's wrapped up in investment for too long could be the end of a company that has a lot ridding on the investments that were made. Today I'm gonna be talking about how investing in online invoicing is safe, because it has a very fast return on investment.

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When free web invoicing might be better for your company than paid

Up until now we wrote a lot about how great IntroBills, our hosted invoice management service, is and how your company absolutely has to use it. So that we don't come off as incredibly biased, which we are, today we're gonna be talking and giving advice on situations when having free web invoicing might be better than having paid invoicing, basically the opposite of what we talked about over here.

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Centralized invoice management for small businesses

More centralized invoice management has a lot of advantages over the heavily departmentalized ways of doing things. Main advantage is of course that all the various departments within you company can manage and process invoices a lot more effectively than they would otherwise be able to do since, they have everything available in a single place, without your employees having to track down documents that they need to close the deals that they're working on.

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Customizable invoices with IntroBills cheap online invoicing

Each company strives to add a little bit of their own look and feel into the invoices that are created and sent by their AP departments, to add its own branding into the mix. A lot of invoicing applications come with the ability to change how the PDF invoices or the invoices generated for print are gonna look like, but they don't have a lot of options for tweaking how the entire layout of the invoice is gonna look like, right down to the very last pixel of where invoice text is gonna be located. That's something that you get with IntroBills, because the layout of our invoices are very configurable.

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