Looking how to improve supplier relationships? Hosted invoicing might be the solution

Business relationships are very important for every company. We already mentioned in the past how a properly taken care of customer is a happy customer and a customer that's forgotten by a company won't be inclined to use the services or goods that your company or business is offering. Building an keeping relationships will make your customers feel like they should come back to you, they will develop a sense of loyalty. For this you need a system that's gonna help you keep track of your customers, which is part is what IntroBills is offering, despite focusing on invoice management.

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Late payment reduction with online invoicing solutions

We do a lot of things here at IntroBills that we hope will help you come to terms with the fact that online invoicing is a better way how to do business. Something that we've discovered after switching completely to online invoicing is a late payment reduction which improved our business effectiveness. It doesn't come as that big of a surprise that we've experienced a reduction in the amount of time it takes to get paid, because we have considerable sped up the time that it takes to process, create and send invoices to our clients.

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IntroBills - invoicing with discounts

Surprising as it may be, but when you look at features of a great number of invoicing applications out there, you find that not all of them support discounts, meaning you cannot apply a discount to the invoices that you create. Discount cannot be added regardless if you try to add it as a percentage point or just as an amount of money that needs to be knocked out of the total invoice amount when the invoices are being generated. Today we're gonna be focusing on that particular feature of IntroBills.

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How much is paper invoicing really costing your business?

Over the past few weeks we talked about how great online invoicing is and how much money you can save by including it in your business. What we didn't discuss is just how much exactly is your using the now outdated methods of managing invoices costing your business. Paper invoicing is considerably more time consuming, and like we already mentioned, it can cost extra in office supplies, that we already covered. There's another very important aspect of paper invoicing that we haven't talked about, and that is how using paper invoicing can even cost you potential clients, for several reasons.

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Excel invoicing alternatives - online invoicing software

A lot of companies, especially smaller companies who haven't been keeping track with all the latest developments in the e-business sphere are still using programs like Excel and Excel invoicing spreadsheets for their daily invoicing needs. Today we're gonna talk about cheap alternatives to Excel invoicing and how in the long run, these alternatives might even save you money.

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