What's stopping us from having a paperless office?

Great deal of people and companies have over the years tried to move away from paper in a effort to save time and money, which would as a consequence have that environment is also saved. So why then haven't we seen a much better adoption of paperless office concept since companies have such a great incentive to focus their energy on setting up one? Here we explore some of the reasons why paperless offices haven't been caught onĀ as much as they should have given the many advantages that they have.

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Bring down invoicing costs with hosted invoice management

Recently I talked about how hosted invoice management can actually help with the environmental issues that the humanity is facing. Helping save the environment isn't the only thing that hosted invoicing can do. Costs are another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to invoicing. Now how much money will invoicing cost your company depends on the size of your company and the workload that your company has, but safe to say that hosted invoicing could ease up your wallet quite a bit.

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Invoice management software with integrated emailing

An inefficient invoicing department can slow down an entire business. Payments by your clients cannot be made if the invoicing department hasn't issued invoices at fast enough pace. Large companies that have a lot of clients will have a lot of invoices that have to be processed. A slow invoicing department doesn't necessarily have to mean that people who work there aren't good at their jobs. I mean it could very well be that slowness of the employees that're working there is the problem, but something that far more common is that the invoicing department is using improper tools to do their jobs.

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Green invoicing - how hosted invoice management can help the environment

We've all been reading a lot in the news how environment isn't doing very well. We've been causing a lot of damage to the Earths ecosystems which is only getting worse as time goes by. It will take a global effort to decrease the rapid exhaustion of resources and the pollution that accelerated resource consumption involves. You might now think what does all this have to do with invoice management and businesses in general, a lot actually. There's still a lot of companies of all shapes and sizes that use a lot of paper in their day to day activities, despite better alternatives being available for a long time now. Hosted invoice management is one such activity.

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