Creating an advance payment invoice

To create an advance payment invoice you'll first need to hover you mouse over the Create new invoice option from the top right corner of the Bills overview

Option for creating an advance payment invoice will be showed in a pop-up down below. Like we already mentioned in the short introductory explanation about the types of invoices, advance payments are “attached” to a client. So the first thing that you need to do is select a client from the client list (clients first need to be added to the list). Once you've done that you can start setting up the rest of the invoice information.

Type in the value of the advance and all the other info that's asked of you, like order date, order type (email, phone), invoice (bill) number, and optionally additional text that's going to be showed on the invoice. Don't forget the most important info that you need to fill out, the advance amount (in the rate field). When you're finished with setup, click on Calculate will perform the final calculation, include the going tax rate and give you the final amount for the advance.

Check that you've setup everything properly and click on Save bill. This will save the bill that you've created. Created advance payment invoices are saved under selected client name.

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