Invoice management basics

Adding invoices will soon enough fill out the list of invoice which opens up initially when you click on the Bills option from the left sidebar menu. Invoice management again follows the same layout and controls that both item management and client management follow.

Invoice manger has additional options that reflect the additional features that can be found in the invoice manager. For example notice the Mark as sent option next to the dropdown filter option in the top left corner. Created invoices can be sent to clients via email directly from Introbills, although optionally you can export invoices as PDF documents and send them manually yourself. The Mark as sent button is there to mark invoices that you've sent as sent, obviously. Before clicking on that button though, make sure that you put a checkmark next to the invoice that you'd like to mark as sent. To preview how a certain invoice is going to be look like, just click on the green magnifying glass icon from the Options column. This will open up a PDF preview of how the generated invoice is going to look like. Have a look on the image down below.

What you see on the image above is actually the third icon from the Options column, that's the Send to client option. That option will open up additional options, like the Send to client button in the top right corner of the preview, the one indicated with a red arrow on the image above. Get PDF button will initiate download of the invoice in PDF form. The two other buttons in the Options column are the usual Edit (blue button) and Delete (red button with trash can). Edit buttons allows you to make changes to the selected invoice and the Delete button allows you to delete them from the list, obviously.

Clicking on the Send to Client button will open up another pop-up, the one that can be seen on the image above. In this pop-up you'll be able to fine tune e-mail before sending it out to your client, alongside with the invoice, which is attached automatically. Using this pop-up you can tweak things like client name, client email (where the invoice is sent), customize the default email text, add additional attachments, and setup a special contact used specifically for this client. When you're done configuring everything just tap on the Send button at the bottom of the screen and email is going to be sent to the client (or the selected client contact). Once the invoice is sent, the client will be able to make a payment and that about covers this section. Let us see what kind of settings are available for tweaking Introbills

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