Client manager overview

Second very important component of the three main components that Introbills has to offer is the client manager. Client management is just like item management that we talked about in the previous chapter, it has the same function, of saving you time that you would normally spend filling out basic client information each time that an invoice is created.

Client list follows the same layout that item list has, only here different information is showed of course. To access it, you need to select the Clients option from the left sidebar menu. Instead of items, you'll see a list of clients and their basic information like ID, client number, client name, city, address, status (published or trashed) and the last column, the Options column, is reserved for client management options. Controls above and below the list of clients are pretty much the same to the ones described in the item manager. At the top we have a filter (for filtering between published and trashed clients), search tool, and a dropdown for setting the number of items showed per page. That about covers all the basics, let's see how exactly would one go about adding clients to the list.

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