How to add a new client

Adding a new client will take a bit more of your time than adding items will, but that's only because adding a client requires you to fill out a lot more info about the client, as you can see on the image down below. To open up the create new client form select Create new Client button from the top right corner of the screen.

This is actually just the first segment of the New client form, where general info about the client is collected. First thing that you'll need to decide is if the client is going to be a company or a private individual. Depending on the selection that you make, different information will have to be filled out. Introbills client manager gives you control over how the client ID is going to look like, that's what the Prefix, ID and Suffix fields are for. Remainder of the fields are pretty much self explanatory, tax code, first name, last name, email, phone, etc. What might be a bit confusing are the contact name and contact email fields. These two are there to help you add special individuals assigned specifically for correspondence between you, and a company that you're adding as a client, for example. Contact fields are optional, they can be left empty in which case the main client email is used when sending out invoices.

Next up is the Client location segment of the new client form. To make location selection easier on you, Introbills includes a map that can be used to pin-point your location faster. Google maps are used, and when you find an address using the map locator, address info is filled out in the detailed form down below automatically.

Last segment of the new client form is the additional information segment, where you can do 3 things. Add a text description for the client, link to the client website and lastly select a client image that's going to be displayed on the client profile. When you're finished filling out all this info, click on Save and if all the required fields are properly filled out, new client should be added to the list.

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