Changing client, item and invoice settings

The following section cowers settings specific to each of the three main components of Introbills, client manager, item manager and invoice management specific settings. First up are the client settings.

Tweaking invoice settings

First option allows you to turn off/on time-stamp alongside current date on the invoices that are created. Man title option determines the title of your invoice. By default it's “Invoice”, but it doesn't have to be that. We put this option in place so that individuals who are going to use Introbills in one of the other 5 available languages can customize the title on the generated invoices. Users from Germany will probably want to type in “Rechnung”, for example. There are 2 additional default text boxes that you can add to each bills that you create. Note that these are the same text boxes that you can setup when creating invoices. Changes can only be seen on newly created invoices. To preview the changes, click Save at the bottom of the screen and then select the Preview button (for either email or print).

Changing item settings

As for the item specific settings, there are basically 2 things that you can configure. One are the types of measurement units that can be applied to items when invoices are created (pounds, kilograms, pieces, etc.), to measure their quantity. Second are the various tax rates that you are required to apply to items.

To add a new measurement unit or a new tax rate, just tap on the green plus sign under the correct category, units or taxes, depending on what you'd like to add. This will add a new blank field to the list where you can type in the name for the new unit or the new tax rate. Don't forget to click on the Save button to save the changes.

Editing client details

There aren't that many client details to tweak, just like there aren't that many item details.

Here again 2 things can be tweaked. First is the prefix, suffix and the starting client number that's going to be incrementing each time that you add a new client. Secondly you can decide if you want to show the client tax number under client information box on the invoices that you create. This is the tax number that you type in when the clients are being created.

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