Email settings

Email template settings

Email settings are a bit more complex, as you can see from the image down below.

This is actually only the first section of the email template settings where the actual template of the invoice can be tweaked. Logo used on the invoice can be setup here. You can select either a JPG, PNG or GIF image for the logo. Underneath the logo selection you can tweak things like logo width, logo height, space before logo, space after logo, header height and footer height in milimeters. Additional information box that you can edit in the top right corner will also go in the top right corner of the invoice. Same thing goes for the three footer boxes at the bottom of the screen. Have a look at the example invoice in the following image to see the position of the boxes.

Second part of the mail template setup allows you to configure the default message of the email that's being sent out with the invoice. We talked about this feature in the Invoice Management Basics chapter on page 14. Text that's going to be showed when sending out the invoice can be setup using variables. A variable is a special text trigger that can place information about the invoice or client into the email body. For example you can put client name, client address, invoice number, etc. The reason why we use variables here is because all the aforementioned information (client details, invoice details) changes depending on the invoice. Typing in information manually for each email that's being sent out would be a lot of work. To help with this we used variables and instructed Introbills that wherever there is a variable in the email text template it changes it to actual data about the client or invoice in question.

That would be the wordy version of how variables work. What you need to know is that for example when you want Introbills to display order date anywhere in the email text template, just include this, ##BILL_ORDER_DATE## where you want order date display and it will be there in the email preview.

Email sending method

Before you'll be able to send emails, you need to check the Emal sending method settings, which also falls under the email settings, next to email template settings.

There are basically 2 methods of how you can send emails using Introbills. First requires no setup, you just need to select PHP from the Choose method dropdown and you'll be sending emails using our own web server. The second one is the SMPT method which allows you to setup your own existing email, self-hosted or registered at third-party providers like Gmail. Those who opt-out for the SMTP method will have to type in server address, port, username and password for everything to work properly. Contact your system administrator to find out what these values are, if you're not familiar with them yourself.

This wraps up our guide. All the basics have been covered with this, and if you happen to have any other questions our support team is here to help you out with anything that you might need. Leave us a message and we'll get back to your as so as possible.

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